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The WOAA is a network of city, county, and state focused blogs that has a single purpose:

To take America back from an overbearing, over-taxing, over regulating, oppressive government one city, one county, one state at a time.

Join us.  Help take this country back…help make it, once again as the founding fathers intended, a country of the people, by the people, and for the people…a country that is once again run on the principle of inalienable rights given by God, not government, rights the government is obligated to protect, not grant.

I write this on November 5, before this network is even made public.  When it goes public tomorrow, November 6, at 10pm, as the last polling place closes on this election season, the entire network will consist of one site, the main site of the WE own America Alliance, where you are visiting now.  That needs to change, and there is ONE way for that to happen.


You can make it happen, you can be the instrument of change.  You can help take our country back one city, one county, one state at a time.  YOUR city, YOUR county, YOUR state.

You can make it happen by being the voice in YOUR city, county, or state in the WOAA.

We will set up a website for your area, and other than a $25.00 set up charge there is no cost to you…ever.  (The first 50 sites we will set up, maintain, and host…for as long as the Alliance exists, for free.  As of now, there are 50  49  free sites available.)  We pick up all site design, all site maintenance, all monthly hosting charges…everything.  We take care of the technical end of the sites and you only have to do one thing…post relevant content related to the goings on in your area…candidates’ public appearance schedules for the public to know where and how to make their voices heard…up close and personal.  You will need to publicize public meeting schedules along with the meetings’ proposed agendas, particularly when there is a proposal that will further erode our rights.

We will teach you how to use your website…how to research the information you will need to add content, how to get information from public officials they really don’t want to give to you or any member of the public, and how, besides promoting the idea of taking our country back city by city, county by county, and state by state, you can make some money from your website for you or your local liberty and constitutionally oriented organization(s).

Join us.  All you have to lose is an overbearing, out-of-control government.


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